We leverage plant-based healing to help you discover everyday moments of well-being.

The modern age has never been more stressful. Plagued by conflicting priorities, information overload and thought fatigue, it’s more important than ever before to find the balance necessary to rise above the constantly shifting tides of change. Whether it's to tackle anxiety and stress, aid in sleep, reduce inflammation, or just to promote a general sense of wellness, our mission is to leverage the power of CBD to help our community find that balance, that peace, that sense of calm - regardless of what may be happening around you. 

Rooted in history

It is thought that Cannabis Sativa was first cultivated by humans around ten thousand years ago. With roots in Central Asia, the plant has reappeared again and again throughout history. From its use by the Chinese Emperor for pain relief, or as a ritualistic drink - known as Bhang - in ancient India, to use as Ganja in Jamaican medicine, cannabis is nothing new. We are simply rediscovering and harnessing its health properties for the modern day.

We aim to combine the power of cannabidiol with other natural ingredients for a holistic approach to achieving wellbeing and balance in the body.  

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For the modern maven

Our collection features a thoughtfully curated range of products and brands, all to support your wellness journey.

From CBD oils & tinctures, CBD skincare, CBD coffee, CBD tea and more, we require a Certificate of Analysis for each product, all of which are THC-free and have been carefully vetted for quality, potency and any potential contaminants. The brands that we choose to work with are all aligned with the values that Andas holds close: transparency and responsibility. Our mission is not only contribute to your natural wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of the environment around you. 

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